About Us

We realize our website is unorthodox. Probably unlike most other sites you've seen. We didn't plan on being different. But we "made our bones" by getting the things done that lots of "experts" said couldn't be. We've almost always had to rely on ourselves to do things our own way.
We believe, for instance, that including this sort of book-length story in our About Page will give us the credibility that's usually missing on most sites. You also get to see just a few of the highlights from our over 4 decades in business. We'd appreciate any feedback you care to give us on our site, our products, our attitude, or whatever.

We began as Normandee Enterprises (now trading as Norman Dee Associates) in 1974, doing business as a sign company pioneering in photographic silkscreen printing. Besides doing conventional posters, banners & the "normal, typical" signage, our inventiveness broke quite a few boundaries by screen printing onto installed glass doors and windows, walls, vehicles and other things, including a jet helicopter. These weren't done horizontally, laying on a table in the workshop, but were done vertically, despite the "experts" with decades of experience who said it couldn't be done.
Screen printing is a sophisticated form of stenciling, done 1 color at a time. Multiple colors were each done with separate stencils, usually force-drying each color with a heat gun, and then applying each subsequent color.
Of course these are somewhat crude looking by today's standards, but they were done in the late 1970's, almost 10 years before the existence of personal computers or computerized vinyl cutting which came some years later, & almost 2 decades before the advent of digital printing, which themselves were quite crude compared to what's available today.

Picture 1
a picture of images screen printed by hand onto walls
Picture 2
another picture of images screen printed by hand onto walls
These images were screen printed by hand directly onto ballroom walls using regular color-matched wall paint, since we couldn't get the thicker screen printing inks mixed in time to meet the 4-day deadline.

a picture of a screen printed door number (with decoration and a person next to it)

Printed brown to cover childish #'s & printing new white #'s on these doors at the Sheraton Hotel.

a van with 'Making Atlantic City Beautiful' printed on the side

1 of our 1st vehicles that we screen printed. This 1 was done on both sides & on both doors.

screen printing of glass with 'Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort Experience The Fantasy.' and the Trump Taj Mahal logo
screen printed glass with 'Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino' and the Trump Plaza logo
screen printed glass with 'Caesars Boardwalk Regency, Hotel, Casino' and art of Caesar's head

These images were screen printed by hand directly onto glass windows in Atlantic City casino-hotels. The Taj Mahal logos were printed in 1990, before the casino opened & were still in use in 2014, when the casino closed its doors. Several of each of these logos were printed throughout their respective casinos.
The Caesars logos were 2-sided, so the logos looked the same on both sides of their main entrance glass doors.

Screen printed glass of a Trump Plaza store reading 'The Salon At Trump Plaza'
screen printed glass in Trump Plaza reading 'Trump Plaza Atlantic City's Centerpiece, Marketing Offices'
screen printed glass in Trump Castle reading 'Jackpots Gift Shop For Distinctive Gaming Specialties'

Each of these images was over 4 feet wide. They were single logos which appeared on only 1 glass window. Jackpots logo was used in Trump Castle.

owner/founder Norman Dee posing with screen printed glass in Trump Tower that reads 'Trump Plaza, Atlantic City's Centerpiece'
owner/founder Norman Dee posing with heat gun and screen printed glass that reads 'Trump Castle'
owner/founder Norman Dee in a Trump-supplied limousine to do work in New York

We were sent to Trump tower in New York City in 1 of Donald Trump's limousines to do these logos.

a hand written note from Donald Trump that reads 'To Norman, Keep up the Great Work! Best wishes, Donald Trump

Donald Trump endorses Norm

two female of employees at Trump Plaza holding a 'round card' designed by Norman Dee Associates
a female employee at Trump Plaza holding a 'round card' designed by Norman Dee Associates that reads 'Tonight! Tyson vs. Stewart Tickets Available At Box Office'
a female employee at Trump Plaza holding a 'round card' designed by Norman Dee Associates

Boxing round cards and the GIRLS!

picture of a boxing ring corner pad with 'Trump Plaza' in more than one layout on the pad
picture of a boxing ring corner pad with 'Trump Plaza' in more than one layout on the pad

Boxing ring corner pads

a sign in a stanchion that reads 'Boxing, Take Escalator Up. 6th Floor' with the Trump Plaza logo
another sign in a stanchion that reads 'Boxing At Its Best, WBA World Welterweight Championship Saturday, April 22, Breland vs. Pineda, Tickets Call Ext. 8300 or Teletron' with the Trump Castle logo beneath
a sign laying out merchandise and their prices with the Trump Plaza logo beneath it

Various boxing posters used for crowd control, advertising & souvenir sales

Within a few years after the advent of personal computers, came the ability to use them to cut vinyl in any shape. The computers drive a knife across the surface of vinyl material called "pressure sensitive," that comes with an adhesive applied to the under-surface, which in turn is protected by a backing sheet. The vinyls are now available in many colors and surfaces, including metallics, and can be glow-in-the-dark, reflective, real gold and a myriad of other choices.
After the vinyl is cut, the portion that won't be part of the final usage (think insides of letters) will be "weeded" from the rest. A "transfer tape" is then applied to the surface, so that the remaining vinyl can all be picked up as a single unit, which is pressed down onto the surface of its final use with speed as well as precision. Cut vinyl is now used to replace hand-painting and even screen printing for use in short-run productions. It's used for signage & banners, magnetics, and vehicles of all kinds. Much of the vinyl used today is also digitally printed to include almost any image such photographs, but at this point in our little story, digital printing wasn't yet even on the drawing board, arriving perhaps a decade later.

a close up of a sign that reads 'DJ Group, Inc.'
a farther-off view of the same sign, with 'DJ Group, Inc.' and Trump TAJ Mahal
a close up of the other end of the sign that reads 'Trump TAJ Mahal'

When the Taj Mahal Casino had an emergency where their logos were misplaced for a TV broadcast, they called Norman Dee. Using cut vinyl, we solved their problem within 24 hours. Lettering was installed onto their floors & saved the day!

a sign of a silhouette of the top of a building with the number '14' and an arrow on top of it

These 3 feet tall logos with numbers & arrows were used for crowd control in the bus area at the Trump Taj Mahal. There were quite a few of them that lasted for years, despite being installed outdoors. They were done quickly & with great precision.

a partially done 'step & repeat' banner, with half of the banner hanging off the table with visible logos of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and Golden Boy; the remaining parts on the table are covered in transfer tape

This cut vinyl banner was used for press conferences at Borgata Casino. Some transfer tape is visible on the part of the banner that is on the work table.

corner pads that read 'Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa' in numerous layouts
close up of a banner that reads 'Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa'
a banner that is partially obstructed by chairs that reads 'Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa'
boxing corner pads that read 'Golden Grain' & 'Warriors Boxing'
boxing corner pads that read 'Nemiroff'

Borgata Casino also had boxing matches. At left are the boxing ring floor pads. A couple of the many banners are shown. Making an appearance are a few of the boxing ring corner pads.
Vinyl is a very versatile material that easily adapts for many different uses.

one of the first print & cut designs ever, made for the Pennsylvania Attorney General, with crest, animals and a ribbon reading 'Virtue Liberty And Independence' with the background cut out

Technology continued to advance and brought with it digital printing on various kinds of paper and then vinyls of many kinds. Then came print & cut technology, which, as the name implied, allowed the printing of almost any image followed by the driving of a knife to cut the printed material into almost any shape. We got a hold of 1 of the machines & began to experiment.
We were doing quite a bit of sign & banner work for the Philadelphia 76ers professional basketball team & some work for the Eagles (football) and Flyers (hockey) teams. We were approached by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office to do a press conference banner for them. At right is a picture of our 1st print & cut test of vinyl adhered to a piece of blue nylon material.

a farther-off view of the above design, where the 'Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Attorney General' crest can also be seen
the step & repeat banner in action, behind the Attorney General during a press conference

The 2 images shown here made up the "step and repeat" unit which created the conference banner. The banner itself is Imperial nylon and was a big hit with the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania.
We later made several other banners for the Attorney General when he ran for - and was elected - Governor of the State of Pennsylvania.

Here are just a few of the most well known uses of our digitally printed work, which was seen all over the world & 1 of them even BEYOND our world!

Made for the US Navy, this banner took a long, long ride on the space shuttle a few years ago!

The world's most viewed banner

The Lewis-Tyson boxing match was the biggest sports event ever at the time. Their tussle at their press conference is still shown quite often, with this banner in the background. The banner is so big we had to take it outside to roll it up for shipment to the venue!

Rush Limbaugh's 15th anniversary banner. It was up for over a week. It was viewed on the "dittocam" all over the world, & was also on his website.

This 75 foot wide banner spanned the entire width of the Benjamin Franklin bridge when the Phila 76ers played the LA Lakers in the NBA finals. The 76ers logos were printed in color & then cut out.

We're now experimenting with the print & cut technology on a woven material that's even better than vinyl. It has a special adhesive that allows removability, leaving no residue, and can be reused over & over. DEEsigned to be part of our Wall DEEcor line of products, they'll be marketed here. When applied to walls (or almost any flat, non-porous surface), they'll appear to be painted on the surface!

owner/founder Norman Dee posing with our Rose of Orleans DEEcal, art by Pierre-Joseph Redouté

1 of the pieces from "Redouté's Roses"

Many of our images will be from the collections of world-famous artists, such as John James Audubon (1785 - 1851), known for his studies of American birds and Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759 - 1840), a Belgian painter nicknamed "The Raphael of Flowers." He was also Official Court Artist of the infamous Queen, Marie Antoinette.

To the left & to the right, you can see a couple of our 1st test prints, which have been a big hit with all the people who have seen them on our walls.

a DEEcal test of a piece by John James Audubon

Our Founder

Norman D. Grossman, a/k/a Norman Dee, is a US Air Force Vietnam veteran and subsequently became a college graduate. During his stint in "The 'Nam," he was an aircraft crew-chief and earned The Air Medal as an "aerial observer" in a Psychological Warfare Squadron. His main job was to maintain the aircraft in flying condition. During flights, he was to look for incoming fire from ground positions and also to perform PsyWar functions like playing tapes in Vietnamese through giant loudspeakers aimed at the enemy. he was also a "kicker," tasked with dropping thousands of leaflets over occupied territories that were designed to influence the enemy. During his off time, he was a volunteer teacher helping Vietnamese citizens to learn and be able to speak English. He was honorably discharged in 1970 upon his return from Vietnam.

The Norman in The 'Nam Danang AB, Vietnam (1969)

Press release sent back to "the world"

1 of the leaflets that was "kicked" in Vietnam

The Air Medal (awarded 1970)

owner/founder Norman Dee in the center, posing with fellow servicemen

The Norman in The 'Nam
(I'm in the middle)
Proof that "war is hell"

owner/founder Norman Dee pictured with some signage at the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Norman at the Vietnam Memorial Wall with his Eagle sign

close up, high-resolution image of the NJ Distinguished Service Medal

Distinguished Service Medal from New Jersey 3 decades later

Our 2nd-in-Command

Jonathan M. Grossman, a/k/a Jon G, Son of the Dee. His main title is Webmaster, but he's often up to several things at once. Some of which include Graphic & Web Design, Social Media Management and Computerized Embroidery. Like our Founder, he's self-taught & making incredible progress in such a short time. Rather than putting some ideas together & hiring web DEEsign professionals, who would overcharge if they were any good, and even then, only produce a fraction of what we wanted, we DEEcided we'd work ourselves from the ground up. This will enable us to have the site evolve as our company does, without the normally required lag time & huge costs involved ("ObamaCare," anyone?), in addition to maximum control. This will undoubtedly yield many innovations that would otherwise never see the light of day.
Jon, as mentioned above, is the manager of our small embroidery DEEpartment, which has a computerized single-head 10-needle machine that produces some incredible embroidery DEEsigns. And yes, he's self-taught at that also.

webmaster/marketer Jonathan shown with several sizes of Pierre-Joseph Redouté's 'Rose of Orleans' DEEcals

Jonathan with 4 different sizes of Redouté's "Rose of Orleans"

webmaster/marketer Jonathan shown with Audubon's 'Great Horned Owls

J. J. Audubon's "Great Horned Owls"

webmaster/marketer Jonathan shown with a crouching tiger DEEcal

Jonathan with a Tiger piece from an artist not so well known

Jonny with some AutoFingers. We now have 6 different sizes!

A 12.5" AutoFinger is the perfect size for this car's window.

a breast-stitch embroidery of the AutoFinger on a black shirt; beside that, the same embroidery on a blue shirt
a close-up breast-stitch on the AutoFinger

Jonny embroidered these AutoFinger T-shirts

an embroidered/rhinestone multi-media project on a yellow shirt

This embroidery also has rhinestones inside the flowers

Jonathan with our soon-to-be newest assistant, The Great Novalyn